An extra treat

It’s a little cooler today but still quite warm at 21° C, 70° F. There was a pleasant gusty breeze which helped us keep cool.

We passed through Cumberland Gardens again (see White roses and white lions).

Cumberland Gardens
Cumberland Gardens

This photo shows Cumberland Gardens and the steps at its bottom end. Note the pole with a cctv camera on top.

Façade with flowers
Façade with flowers

Just opposite in Lloyd Square stands this house with a flowery façade. In fact, the flowers extend over the front door of the next house. I don’t know what flowers they are (my botanical knowlege is somewhat wanting) but they make a fine show.

The George and Monkey - open!
The George and Monkey – open!
Photo by Tigger

On the way home we passed the George and Monkey in Amwell Street. There was a queue outside and an “OPEN” sign in the window. There appeared to be a makeshift bar or counter across the door and they were seemingly selling drinks to take away.

And here is the treat mentioned in the title :

Coffee and a samosa!
Coffee and a samosa!

We bought coffee as usual at Myddelton’s but we also tempted by some of the other goods on display. Tigger chose a slice of carrot cake and I chose a vegetable samosa. Yum!

The best vegetable samosas I ever enjoyed were those sold in a takeaway Indian food stall in Euston Station. I bought some there on several occasions but one day the stall disappeared and with it, if course, the samosas. They are still sadly missed!

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