About SilverTiger

My name online is SilverTiger and I live with my partner Tigger in North London.

Most recently I worked as a library assistant but gave in my notice in March 2006. Before that, I worked as an assistant in a bookshop, the late lamented Books Etc. Before that I was a polytechnic lecturer. Before that I was a university lecturer and before that, an assistant teacher in a comprehensive school. Of all those jobs, I liked the public library the best. In some ways I was sorry to leave but the time had come to move on.

So what am I doing now? Living and having fun with Tigger. We enjoy exploring London and other cities both in the UK and abroad. We are interested in architecture and the history that attaches to old buildings. It’s amazing what you discover once you start digging.

We also enjoy art and visiting art exhibitions, museums and historical sites.

You are welcome to post comments or to email me at the address found by clicking Contact me in the sidebar.

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