For the purposes of this blog I will refer to myself as SilverCat. I live in North London with my partner whom I shall call Tigger. She will play a part in my posts as she is a very important and beloved part of my life.

I do not promise to update this blog regularly but only when I feel moved to do so. It is a blog about our daily lives, including our outings and travels and it will be simple in style and content. You are welcome to read what I write and to leave comments if you wish to do so. I may add an email contact address later if it seems to good idea to do so.

My intention is to write my posts “on the hoof”, that is, during the day while I am engaged in the activities described or in the evening when I have time to look back over the day and reflect on what I have been doing.

Sometimes I will add photos to illustrate my posts. These photos will normally be taken with the camera on my Apple iPhone 6. Any editing will usually be done with the few editing facilities available on the phone. This probably means that they will not be very good photos though I hope they will still be worth the bother.

I will compose my posts using the WordPress app. available for the iPhone. This is the most direct way of working. It also means that there will be no fancy formatting of my posts though if there is need to do so, I can post-edit an article on my PC.

If you have any questions or observations, please write them in a comment. Comments are not moderated and will appear straightaway but I reserve the right to delete spam and any other comments I find objectionable.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Your first post whets the appetite for more, for me especially, as I come from Highbury, N. London, and love reading about places around the area where I spent many happy years. The No. 19 bus route I can still recall easily, ditto the 38 but as I used the 19 for work I am more familiar with it. Unfortunately, I do not recall this pub, possibly because back in the day I did not have the money to frequent pubs as often as today’s working girl can afford to.
    Do continue the blog, I’ll look out for it.


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